Gastronomy tour in Veracruz

Wednesday, 27 December 2006
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Beautiful Port of Veracruz beats persistently in the History of Mexico with vestiges of the most ancient Mesoamerican civilization and the first and main entrance of the Europeans to the American continent. Nowadays, the biggest trade port in Mexico reminds us again that it is possible to be reborn from the ashes with a striking economical development, propelled by the tourist sector mainly.

Veracruz has such a wide range of climates in its small territory that it produces a wide range of delicious products also. Some of its world renowned products are the coffee, vanilla, sugar cane, rice, and jalapeños. The Veracruz cuisine is also very well known, at least in Mexico, its great local seafood, meats, and vegetables are carefully mixed to make delicious dishes for every taste.

Maybe the most famous of its dishes is the Huachinango a la Veracruzana, a Red Snapper topped with a sauce made up of a careful selection of ingredients which is so popular that anything that resembles the dish acquires the name Veracruz Style.

Other delicacies include shrimp, crab, Chilpachole (spicy seafood soup), Tumbada style Rice (with seafood), Picadas (thick tortilla with different toppings), Tamales Jarochos (steam-baked corn patties with different stuffings), Adobo Huasteco (pork in spicy sauce) and the mysterious Carne de Chango from Catemaco (popularly called monkey meat, but in reality is pork meat). And as I said before there's a dish for every palate, mine is watering as I write.

Some of the most typical places you must stop by are:

Cafe de la ParroquiaCafe de La Parroquia
Politicians, intellectuals, artists, entertainment personalities and clergymen have all come to this corner restaurant for over a century, where the "Cafe Lechero" was invented (strong coffee served in a glass and hot milk poured right on your table, kind of a latte but with a show included); you can listen to the classic tinkling of teaspoons and try a careful selection of foods, sweet breads, and the sweet-scented secret-formula coffee that is currently served. Nowadays, the third generation owners proudly take care of this unique and traditional place that has become one of Veracruz' landmarks.

"Güero, Güero" Ice Cream
When this ongoing 'almost' chanting shout is heard on the street "Pásele güero, güera, uero, uera" (which roughly translates as "This way Blondie!"), then that's the indication you have finally arrived to the classical ice cream shops of Gutierrez Zamora street. There you'll find the most unimaginable ice cream flavors like the Jobo (a yellow plum) and Nanche (small golden tropical fruit) to complement the warm evenings in Veracruz.

Palapa Iguana
Delight your palate at this simple and delicious restaurant where local Veracruz cuisine is the specialty, fresh fish and seafood being the main dishes, served on either the open air palapa restaurant or right on the beach, underneath an umbrella. Find out why the "Palapa Iguana" is the ideal place to learn more about the "jarocho" gastronomy, and at very affordable prices.

Villa Rica
Villa Rica restaurant, including its three branches, is a respectable place where the years point it as the best place to satisfy your food desires. I recommend trying the "ceviche", which is a cocktail of fish or seafood marinated and cooked in lime juice, olive oil, finely chopped fresh vegetables and spices, one of the best is the "Callo de Hacha" (scallops) but you can also have shrimp, octopus, and many others. Here you can also try out typical dishes from Veracruz like the Chilpachole or the Minilla Alvaradena.