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A-Cockbill, A-CockbellDescribing an anchor when it hangs by its ring at the cathead or from the hawsehole ready for letting go.
A-staySaid of an anchor cable when its line angle approximates a continuation of the fore stay line .
A-trip(1) Said of an anchor immediately when it is broken out of the ground. (2) In square-rigged ships topsails are a-trip when they are fully hoisted and ready for sheeting.
AbackCondition of sail when the wind pressure is on the leeward or forward side, with sails backed or trimmed to windward (wind on the wrong side of the sails) Also known as "backwinded"
AbaftBehind or aft of; on the after side of; towards the stern relative to some other object or position.
Abaft the beamAny direction between the beam and the stern, more behind a vessel than in front of it. Behind a perpendicular line extending out from the middle of the boat
AbeamAt right angles to the the fore and aft line of the boat, or beside, the boat; on the beam; also Abreast.
Able Bodied SeamenA member of the deck crew who is able to perform all the duties of an experienced seamen; certificated by examination; must have three years sea service. Also called Able Seamen and A.B.

On or in a vessel. Close aboard is close to another ship or an obstruction
AboutAcross the wind in relation to the bow. When a sailboat tacks across the wind to bring it from one side to the other, she is said to go about.
About ShipThe order to tack the ship
Above DeckOn the deck (not over it; see ALOFT).
Above-BoardAbove the deck, and therefore open and visible. This gave rise to the term used to denote open and fair dealing.
AboxTo lay the head-yards abox in a square rigged sailing vessel was to lay them square to the foremast in order to heave-to.
AbreastAlongside of; on the beam.

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